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Default Quest Compilation (New Pioneering Quests)

Credits mainly go to Valinorians first guide (will post here). I will just modify some parts to make it more correct and so that people will see the guide immediately on the first post.

Location: Office of Pioneering Support, Cite de Reboldeux

NPC: Sir Lyndon

Tasks (not in order, rewards may be wrong)

1) Investigate a plot to blow up the statue at Ferrucio Junction. You will pick up 3 items by running around the statue, finding them will give you the quest item, but you'll have to fight lvl6 Corlien Dynamiter and other monsters. Return to him and get an EXP card.

Added by me (some screenies):

2) He will ask you to deliver a Secret Document to Cristelle, the Cite de Reboldeux Pioneering officer. Do so, and she will ask you to give Sir Lyndon a Secret Almanac.

2) Go to Al Quelt Moreza, Nartez and Parsonage Memorial statue, and do 1 mission from each statue. Once you have killed the necessary amount of monsters, return to Lydon for your reward of 3 EXP cards.

Added by me: You can just do the missions in the any level of Al Quelt Moreza (AQM) since every Pioneering memorial statue gives you 1 Level 1 Seal of Pioneering per monster hunt quest that you do. These seals can be acquired repeatedly just like the monster hunt quest.

3) Now Sir Lyndon tells you that you have to look for and defeat 1 Shadow Dilos Latem. Return to Al Quelt Moreza Parsonage, go to any room and wait for a Siegmund to appear. Defeat it, and Shadow Dilos Latem will appear. Fight him and return to Sir Lyndon.

Location: Port of Coimbra

NPC: Nunez

Tasks: (not in order)

1) He will give you 10,000 VIs to buy Silken Tofu from Camilia and Chocolate from Lisa Lynway so he can cook a dish, and asks you to keep the change. Return to him with the ingredients, then he will ask you to deliver the completed meal to Jonathon, the Port of Coimbra Pioneering Officer.

2) After that, Jonathon introduces himself and mentions you should speak too Grace Bernelli. Talk to her before you return to Nunez. He will tell you to go to the "largest room in Tetra Catacombs" and defeat a Siegmund to get a hideout key. For all concerned - its not the last room before Golden Road, its the one where the crossroads meet. Kill Siegmund, then click on the Secret Mechanism at the far end of the room. You will enter a room with several treasure chests. Open all of them, fight some lvl6 monsters then exit out to Coimbra. Hand over the items to Nunez and he will give you EXP cards.

Added by me: You can talk again to Jonathon until he mentions you to talk to Bernelli. For me, I got the Bernelli quest after I did step#3 below and talked to Jonathon. The Siegmund you need to kill is in Area 10. Its map coordinates is H-7. Just wait in the well in the center.

3) Next, he will tell you he's interested in a strange wing-shaped key in Jezebel Glen. Go there from Coimbra Nimrod Bridge, its around the entrance (F10-F12), run around til you find it, then return to him for your reward. A random mosnter drops it. Reward: 1 Mission: Spotlight level 1.

Added by me: Its not a search-around-the-ground like the one in Ferrucio Junction. You have to kill a mob (afaik, Bandelier Pirate) and you get the wing-shaped key he wants.

4) Go to King's Garden Memorial Statue and do all the missions for your reward, then return to him.

Added by me: This is actually one of the first things he will ask you to do.
Hunting for Level 2 Seal of the Pioneer, like the Sir Lyndon's quest, you have
to do Pioneer Memorial Quests in King's Garden. After that you will need to do some again in Tetra Ruins (the one in the waypoint).

5) Go to Port Bello, the Hold, Deck and Cabin's Memorial Statues and do 1 mission in each area to complete this quest. Nunez will give you 10,000 Vis and a letter of Recommendation. Now you'll head to Auch, but before that, speak to Johnathon the Coimbra Pioneering Officer; he wants you to deliever a letter to his sister, Eleonore, the Auch Pioneering Officer.

Added by me: Again, like in AQM, you do not need to do one on each level of Porto Bello, just produce 3 Level 4 Seals of the Pioneer either by doing Pioneering Memorial Quests or buying or asking from friends.

Location: City of Auch

NPC: Eleonore


1) She will tell you to speak to Simon Ayende in Villa de Libertad. Once you are done, return to her for your reward of 1 Auch Return Sheet.

2) Now, go to El Lago de Tres Harmanas and kill Corlien Dynamiter for 70 Rogue seals. You will get 30,000 VIs as your reward.

3) She will tell you to go to Dr Torche's Mansion and bring back 3 Seals of the Pioneer. Your reward is Hrin's Potion x5.

Added by me: An easy way to produce 3 Level 5 Seals of the Pioneer is by doing the Helena hunt quest in Grand Library.

4) Now, go to Villa de Libertad again, and speak to Simon Ayende. He will ask you to deliver a letter to a "Mysterious Man" in Pradera de Ceniza. Your reward: Soul Crystal x5. He will ask you not to speak of this to Eleonore, saying he has his reasons.

Added by me: The Mysterious Man NPC is located near the portal to Theuringenwald. He is among the trees.. should be easy to find.

5) Speak to Eleonore, she will tell you to kill 100 Lightning Gavi di Gavi at El Tejardo Verde, you will get 70,000 VIs and EXP card when you have completed it. She tells you it's an urgent task set by someone high-position in the mainland.

Credits go to my factionmate Starstorm on the following steps:
6) When completed, Eleonore ask you to investigate Joaquin Prison. Talk to the Old Woman, located just beside the Auch waypoint/Leonardo express, and you'll recieve the quest.

7) The last quest involves investigating flipped box at Joaquin Prison Schivaliere (Level 4 of the Joaquin Prison Dungeon and a level 79+ area). You have to investigate the flipped box at the exact time of 1pm or 10pm (Server Time, in our case +8 GMT).

Added by me: Flipped box is the overturned box you can see all through the map.
Open any box at exactly 10pm or 1pm Server time (in my clock I was able to open at 10:17pm +8 GMT). Opening the box will summon a level 80 Monster named: Summoning Reagent (needs more accurate naming, I killed it to fast to screenie it alive). You will get a Cabinet Piece and a quest item shown below:

Overturned box showing me getting cabinet piece:

The quest item you'll need:

8) The last part of the quest will give you 5 triumph fillers.

Added by me:
Ok so that's how to get those 5 Soul Crystals, 5 Hrin's Potion, 3 Hrin's Ampule, 6 Progressive health-fillers and 5 triumph fillers.

Now for the Bernelli Quest:

1.) After talking to Grace and agreeing to help her, you will be asked to search Prison de Joaquin, The Mohrgus. The Demonic Priests drop the Bloodstained Discs while the Mucerati Gladiator drops the Old Insignia.
She will then ask you to go to Eusebio in Cite de Reboldeux.

2.) After talking to Eusebio, he will ask you to find 50 each of:
Daemon's Gastric Juices (Joaquin Comodo, Rion Prairie)
Rodonite (Ghost Baron, El Canon de Diabolica or El Ruina de Memoria)
Saline Solution (Porto Bello's Desolate Cliff)

3.) Return to Eusebio and he will ask you to report back to Bernelli.

4.) Bernelli will ask you to return to the place where you found the disc,
in the quest menu (alt + A) it says Prison de Joaquin, The Mohrgus. So it has got to be somewhere there.

Ok I'm up to here for now as I have no clue yet how to find what Bernelli is talking about.

Hope you enjoyed the compiled guide.
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