Game Controls

Controlling Your Heroes

Left Click Movement
To move your characters, left click anywhere and all selected characters will run to that spot. To attack an enemy, left click the monster and your party will run to attack.
Ctrl+Alt+left Click Retrieving Items
Many times after you defeat an enemy or destroy an obstacle, glowing items will be left on the ground. To retrieve an item, move the cursor over the item and left-click. Your characters will automatically collect all nearby items under gather mode. Press Shift + Ctrl + left mouse button or click the gather mode icon in the lower left of the screen to activate gather mode. Your characters will pick up all items in the surrounding area.
Combat Tools

Auto-Attack Mode (Ctrl+E)
Your characters will attack and chase any monster within their targeting distance. Under Auto-Attack characters are free to move, but will return to the original spot when the area is clear.

Keep Mode (Ctrl+H)
Your characters will attack all monsters in their targeting area but will not move..

Harvest Mode (cntrl + shift + left click)
Your characters will automatically pick up all nearby items.

Assault Mode (Ctrl+Left Mouse Button)
Works like normal movement, except your characters will attack any monster within their targeting range on their way to the selected destination.

Team Select (F9)
Toggle between individual select and team select mode.

Team Summon (F4)
Command all team members to gather near the selected character.

Right Click, Mouse Wheel Changing the View
To change the camera angle, right click and drag the mouse. To zoom in and out, scroll the mouse wheel.


 This guide will teach you all the different keys and shortcuts in Granado Espada.

This section is separated into :

- Basic Commands
- Chatting Commands
- UI Commands
- Battle Commands
- Tactical Commands
- Other Commands

Basic Commands

Move Left click where you want to go
It is said that you'll be able to move with Arrow keys
Camera Rotation
Hold Right click and move your mouse
It is said that Shift+Arrow Keys or Page Up Page Down keys would work too.
Zoom-in/out Mouse wheeling
It is said that Home and End keys would work too.
Character Selection
Left click on your character
Left click on the character status window
Hold left click and create a selection square (enable multi-selection)
Talk to NPC
Left click on the NPC
Attacking Left click on the ennemy (the cursor will change into a sword)
Chat Mode On/Off
Enter or Alt+C
Monster Informations Hold Alt and Right Click on the monster

Chatting Commands

"FamilyName Message
Send private message to the concerned Family
#Message Send a message that only your Squad will see
@Message Send a message that only your Faction will see
/shout Message Send a message that all characters in the map will see (cost one 'Megaphone' 500 vis)
/broad Message Send a message that everybody on the channel will see (cost one 'Microphone' 2000 vis)

Write column is what you have to write in the Chat Window.

UI Commands

Alt+Q Quit Menu
Open the Quit Menu
Alt+W World Map
Display the World Map
Alt+E Equipment/ Inventory Display your inventory and the equipment of your selected character
Alt+R Family Informations
Display informations on your family
Alt+U Tool Bar
Display or not the Tool Bar (top central bar)
Alt+I Battle Commands
Display or not the Battle Commands (bottom left bar)
Alt+O Options Display the Option Menu
Alt+A Quest Menu
Display all informations about your pending quests
Alt+S Stance/Skill
Display Stance and Skills informations of your selected character
Alt+F UI Display Hide/Unhide the whole UI (to take nice sreenshots)
Alt+G Characters Informations
Minimize/Maximize the characters informations (the bottom windows, with HP/MP etc...)
Alt+J Jukebox Let you chose the playing track through the different songs associated to the current map
Alt+K Chat Macro
Customize your Chat Macros.


Open Shop

Open a shop to sell your items to other players
Alt+Z Zone Map
Display the full Map of your current location
Alt+X Pause List
Display the list of available pauses
Alt+C Chat Mode
Enable/Disable Chat mode
Alt+V Inventory Display your belongings
Alt+B Friends List
Display your Friends list
Alt+M Mini-Map Hide/Unhide Mini-Map (top right corner)
Alt+- Mini-Map Reduction
Reduce scale of the minimap
Alt++ Mini-Map Enlargement Increase scale of the minimap
Alt+F2 Channel Selection
Display the Channel Selection window

Battle Commands

F1/F2/F3 Leader Selection Select which character should lead your team
F4 Regroupment In Solo Mode, your Leader calls the 2 others characters so that they reach him
F5/F6/F7/F8/ Stance Selection
Select the Stance of the selected character
F9 Select Mode
Switch between Select and Solo Mode. In Select Mode, all your characters will stay selected
F10 Chat Window Adjustment
Change the size of the Chat Window (6 sizes)
PrintScreen Screenshot
Take a picture of your Screen. Will be found in the following folder : '..\Granado Espada\release\screenshot\'
Ctrl+Left Click
Assault Mode Reach the pointed location and attack every surrounding monsters the characters will find on their way
Ctrl+Shift+Left Click
Harvest Mode
Reach the pointed location Pick Up all items on your way that you are allowed to.
Ctrl+Space Harvest Mode
Same as above
Shift+Left Click
Absoluteness Movement Your characters will move to the indicated point, without considering monsters, items or construction. Useful to move with precision in crowded place (you can, for example, run away without misclicking on monster and
involuntarily attack it).
Alt+Left Click
Absoluteness Attack
Ctrl+E or Space Keep Mode
Your characters will automatically attack all nearby ennemies AND pursue them (so be careful since it can split your characters)
Ctrl+H Hold Mode
Your characters will automatically attack all ennemies they canhit without moving (so it ain't a really good thing for melee characters)
Ctrl+Alt+Left Click
Face Direction
Make your characters face a certain direction
Q,W,E,R,T,Y,U 1st Character Skills
Use skills of the 1st Character and associated item (not available while in Chat Mode : press alt+C)
A,S,D,F,G,H,J 2nd Character Skills Use skills of the 2nd Character and associated item (not available while in Chat Mode : press alt+C)
Z,X,C,V,B,N,M 3rd Character Skills Use skills of the 3rd Character and associated item (not available while in Chat Mode : press alt+C)

Tactical Commands

Shortcut Name Use
Ctrl+1~3 Group Creation

(only while in Select mode - F9 key)
Select some of your characters then push Ctrl+1 2 or 3. Your selection (even the identity of the leader) will be associated to a group.

1~3 Group Selection
Recall a previously created group
8~0 Target Selection
Select wich one of your characters should be targeted by the launched skill (exemple : Healing). 8 is first character, 9 is second and 0 is the third.

Exemple about how to use groups : You can create a group with your attacking characters, one with your healer and a group with all your characters. Then, when you get into a fight, call the healer and put him in keep mode, call your attacking characters and make them do what you want while the healer keeps healing. Once you're done, select the 3rd group (with everybody) and move all your characters.

There are of course many other uses (separate range/melee, magical/physical, etc...)

Other Commands

/hide on(off) Hide/Unhide your characters (but monsters can still attak you and other players still see you :p)
/navcam on(off) Enable/Disable camera move. The camera won't follow your characters anymore and you have to use keyboard to manipulate it
/where Give your coordinates and location


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