Botting in GE

This thread is not, repeat not a thread for reporting bots. All reports should be made to IAH via the game feedback system.
Table of Contents:
1) Preamble

2) Botting for Dummies

3) Bot Reporting

4) FAQs

5) Closing Words

Updates on Changes to the Guide and ingame news.

1) Preamble
"Target sighted. Proceeding with elimination."

"Acknowledged. Show no mercy."

"Roger, over and out."


Oh hello there~, is it that time of the week already? Well then, I am your host, Tohsaka, and welcome to another issue of "Yakisoba Spotlight on GE"!

Today we'll be focusing on the grave situation that plagues our beloved world of Granado Espada. Thats right, I'm talking about botting. We must defend our beloved game against those who would seek to destroy.

I envision the creation of a new inter-guild Movement:

F.U.B.A.R.: Free Union of Bot Abuse Reporters

well then, to War on Botting!

This guide is brought to you by Yakisoba. Royalist of Cervantes Server.

2) Botting for Dummies
Originally Posted by
A bot, most prominently in the first person shooter PC game types (FPS), is a robotic computer controlled entity that simulates an online or LAN multiplayer human deathmatch opponent, team deathmatch opponent or a cooperative human player. Computer game bots work via artificial intelligence routines pre-programmed to suit the game map, game rules, game type and other parameters unique to each game. Bots are not only found in FPS PC games; they are also featured in several console games.

In MUDs, players may utilize bots to perform laborious tasks for them, sometimes even the bulk of the gameplay. While a prohibited practice in most MUDs, there is an incentive for the player to save his/her time while the bot accumulates resources, such as experience, for the player character.
Botting is defined as using third-party programs or hardware in order to engage in activities that would otherwise be impossible while the user is away from the computer. Namely:
  • Picking up loot while AFK
  • Reenabling Patrol mode after being Knockdowned while AFK
  • Utilising Skills while AFK
  • Reviving Dead characters while AFK
These are just a few of the thing that can be done with bots. In CBT we even encountered Bots that would auto-decline Duels.

Originally Posted by IAH's Customer Service Policies
The following guidelines detail IAH Customer Service policies for games distributed by IAH. You (the player) are responsible for the actions taken in and out of the game that may conflict with these policies. Offending players will be permanently suspended. In extreme cases, IAH reserves the right to take action beyond what is detailed below.

Usage of unapproved Third Party software
  • Usage of any third party software to gain any advantage in-game
  • (e.g. botting, speed movement, teleporting etc)

Data mining and manipulation
  • Altering the flow of information between server and client, or extracting information not meant for public

Examples of 3rd Party Software (non-inclusive):
  • Speed Hack
  • Power Leveling
  • Gold Purchase
  • Account Hacking
  • Botting Program
  • Packets Editor
  • Data Mining Program
  • Item Duping Programs
3) Bot Reporting
In light of experiences in CBT, the best way to deal with Botters would be to record evidence and send it in to IAH so that they may deal with the offending account.

Under NO circumstances should the player's IGN be posted on the Forums. Doing so will only alert the account holder that he/she has been found out. The player would probably then stop all botting actions until IAH has concluded its investigation.

With my fellow Yakispartan, Chii, we will showing a reenactment of a player encountering a botter and how he/she should go about reporting the incident to IAH.

While wandering a Field or Dungeon of GE, a player's action might catch your attention as being too 'mechanical'. Take some time to check out his/her actions before going a further step.

In reporting a botter, evidence is very important. Exit your field and begin a recording. Follow the menu bar in this screenshot. Once you have clicked on the option, entering a new field will begin the recording.

Watch the top left hand corner of your screen. This will confirm the recording has began. Do take note that exiting the field at this time will end the recording.

In order to ascertain whether a family is botting, attempt to PM said family first. Most families would reply but some may have trouble. Used two or more different languages just to be sure.

Besides PMing, utilise the main chat to the field. Any family with a shred of dignity would reply to avoid being condemned by the other families on the field.

After sufficient time has passed where the subject has continued its suspicious behavior but has yet to reply to you. You should be able to begin submitting a botting incident report to IAH.

Dont forget to take screenshots as well of the player not replying to your hails and behaving suspiciously. Be generous. More evidence would not hurt.

Replays and Screenshots can be found in your GE folder in 'Program Files".

IAH reporting will only allow one file to be sent so zip up the files you intend to submit as evidence.

On the main Website, click on the link "Game Feedback" under Support. You will then be directed to Login using your IAH Passport.

Fill up the relevant details and don't forget to attach the file of screenshots and replays.

IAH should then send an automated email to your listed email regarding the ticket you submitted.

I thank my fellow Yakispartan, Chii for being such a good sport. She was in no way botting during this period of time when I was making this guide.
4) FAQ

1) Does IAH even prosecute botters? They're everywhere!

Ans: Yes IAH does prosecute botters with extreme prejudice. It may seen slow right now but IAH is looking to expand further its GM staff. Expect to see a faster deletion rate in the future.

2) I saw xxx and xxx at xxx channel xxx. Someone should take care of them!

Ans: That person should be you. Instead of announcing to the world, take evidence and submit to IAH. They'll come down on them with a big ban hammer.

3) xxx has been sending out bot advertisements in the forums! What should i do?

Ans:PM the offender's nick to at least 3 different mods here is a list of MODs you can contact:

  • Merquise
  • Lt. Taulin
  • Leimrey
  • SnOwBunZz
  • WarForGe
  • Yagu
  • Aquarius
  • MuseD
  • SoJourn
  • Lorenza
  • Dyingtimes
5) Closing Words
*Puts musketeer hat back on*

I have to say though, I really wished that things would not have to turn out this way but it has. So we all have to do our parts to keep the New World free.

Tohsaka, heading back to fight the good fight; signing off.

It has come to our attention that a more sophisticated bot is out on the wild. All reporters should be advised that 2nd Generation bots are apparently able to reply with pre-fixed phrases and generic statements.

Evidence submitted should now focus on the robotic qualities of the PC's movements and erratic skill usage.

F.U.B.A.R. has received reliable information that disposable accounts are being created and are Mass PMing players in the Forums to test out their bots.

All players are to be advised not to be taken in. If you do receive such PMs in the forum, report the PMed to at least 3 moderators.

APPENDIX 2a) UPDATE 06/07/07

We have recieved unverified reports of there being keyloggers within some bots. All players are advised not to use the bots and report any items that may have been lost.

F.U.B.A.R. has recieved further updates on this issue.

Next Gen bots are reported to have the ability to show the botter what is in the chat window. This effective means that PMing may not be an effective way to see if the family in question is botting.

Hence some guidelines:

i) Running across the map to pick up a trash drop. Occurs very often with bots, running across the screen to pick up a pineapple.
ii) Erratic usage of skills. I have noticed a wizard casting Quake in the middle of my afk party. This is a rather potent clue to botting.

We will endevour to bring more news from the front as the arms race continues. Good Hunting my fellow Espardians.

All Players should take note of the updated Penalties for botting.

Updated some responses I've received. Resorted and added a table of contents to the guide.

A list of MODs one can contact was added. Please do not PM them for ingame situations. They can only handle those in the forum.
This guide is copyright (c) 2007 Terence Sim (Tohsaka).

This walkthrough was written to be hosted at sGE Forums.

This may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal, private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise distributed publicly without advance written permission. Use of this guide on any other web site or as a part of any public display is strictly prohibited, and a violation of copyright.

Please send an email asking permission to put the guide up on your site if you should wish to do so.

Feedback is encouraged and appreciated in any form.

13th Autonomous Squadron: Yakisoba Dept of Public Relations, "Royal Hound"

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<- Updated 05/31/07

Last edited by Tohsaka : 24-06-2007 at 04:03 AM. Reason: Bot Advisory Update.


Permission asked and granted. :)


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